A Pet Camera Is A Must If You’re Traveling For The Holidays

If you travel during the holidays and you’re leaving your pets at home a pet camera is a gadget that will make it a lot easier and less nerve-wracking to leave your pet at home. When I go to my mom’s house I take my dog with me but during the holidays I leave him at home. He gets very upset being in a strange environment when there are lots of people and lots of kids around. So last year I bought a pet camera so that I can keep an eye on him while I’m gone and it has made me a lot less anxious about leaving him.

I always have a close friend stay with him so he’s not alone. But I worry that he’s going to be lonely or bored when she’s at work and I worry that he’s going to be sad missing me. And I miss him and I want to see for myself that he’s ok.

Pet Camera

So I chose the Pawbo Pet Camera. It’s amazing. You can pull it up through an app on your phone and see your pet at home anytime you want. The Pawbo has a built-in ringtone that you can use to call your pet over to the camera. When you pull up the camera and press the ringtone it rings like a phone to call your pet. My dog figured out pretty quickly that when the tone sounded I would appear on the camera. It has a built-in treat dispenser so that you can release treats to your pet to get them to come. And it’s even got a built-in laser toy so that you can play with your pet from anywhere that you are.

There is a microphone so that you can hear your pet while you are talking to them. But if you want more interconnectedness than that try the PetChatz Camera. That one has a call button so that your pet can call you by pressing a button with their paw or nose. And that one releases a soothing scent when your pet comes near it. The Pawbo doesn’t have a night vision capability so if you want to see your pet at night you might want to choose a camera that has night vision capability.

Overall I’ve been very happy with the Pawbo Pet Camera and when I head to my mom’s for the holidays this year it will be a big comfort that I can pull up that app on my phone and see my dog anytime I want too and he can see me so he knows I haven’t left him forever.

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