Social Media Could Be Killing Your Relationship

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If you and your partner are active social media users you should be careful because it could be killing your relationship. According to relationship experts and some divorce lawyers, social networking is quickly becoming the number one reason why couples split. And it’s not always an online affair that causes the split. It can have a bad impact on relationships even if both people remain totally faithful to their partners. Love can be a relationship roller coaster. Check out some of the ways that social media could be damaging your relationship:

It Encourages Dissatisfaction

Social media makes it very easy for people to keep looking for someone else when their partner disappoints them. Or doesn’t measure up to their expectations. Often it presents only a carefully curated perfect view of themselves online, it’s easy to think that there could be someone else better for you. All relationships go through slumps, but when you’re in a slump and you are interacting with someone that seems perfect on social media it might lead to dissatisfaction with your relationship and might even make one partner start to think about cheating or leaving the relationship. If you’re listening to another’s phone calls then your relationship is really going downhill and quick. 

social media
Social Media Could Create Distance Between You And Your Partner

Don’t Stop Communicating

Relationships take work and a lot of communication. But when you and your partner are both actively using social media it becomes easier to avoid a fight by turning to online friendships and relationships rather than putting in the work to save your current relationships. Instead of telling your partner again why it upsets you when they don’t call when they’re going to be late or why it drives you crazy that they don’t put the dishes in the dishwasher instead of the sink you can go online and complain about their behavior. So when you’re having problems with your partner escaping into the perfect fantasyland of social media is more attractive than trying to work out your problems with your real-life partner.

Online Relationships Can Become Addictive

Have you ever felt like you were addicted to social media? Social media addiction is a real thing, and while it’s not a recognized disorder yet psychologists. Going online and getting lots of likes and other attention can become addictive to people. If you feel like your partner isn’t paying enough attention to you. Or if you can’t seem to get enough attention using social media to get constant praise and validation. It can become addicting and can destroy your relationship. When one person needs constant validation eventually validation from their partner isn’t going to be enough to satisfy them. And that person will disappear further into the virtual world chasing praise and attention.

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Keep Your Relationship Strong

So if you think that social media could be damaging your relationship it’s time for a reality check. Make sure to check out my last post about the Madden 19 video game