The Madden 19 Video Game

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Looking Ahead to Madden 19


From NFL Blitz to NFL GameDay, there have been a lot of football video games over the years. Although if you want to take a break from video games, check out the Star Wars Franchise. One of the first video games I played was on the classic Nintendo NES console. The screen was so small that you could barely see the players. Thankfully, gaming has improved as technology improved. Today, the NFL games are more realistic than ever. 

video games
Football players running onto the field

The one NFL game that has stood the test of time is Madden. Madden is owned by EA sports and has been around for years. The games are played by fans and players alike. NFL players get so into the game that they get upset when their ratings aren’t high enough. Some even spy on others text messages

The Next Madden


If you enjoyed the last edition of Madden, then you are probably ready for the next one. Madden 19 will be coming out at the end of the summer as it always does. This is also just in time for the next NFL season. Here are a few of the features that people are looking forward to with the next Madden game.

Consoles and Graphics


The consoles that the game will be on should be pretty obvious. Madden will be on your Xbox One and PS4. The game may be available on your mobile device. However, you are going to want to play it on your main consoles. Something to be excited about is improved graphics for the game. The recent Xbox One gives users an even more realistic experience. If you want to get the best graphics possible you’ll need an Xbox One X, a 4K TV, and an excellent HDMI cord.

Game Mechanics and Features


One thing that changes slightly each year are the mechanics of the game. There usually aren’t any big changes, but EA likes to switch it up and keep things interesting. Most fans of the game do appreciate this. Two features that will surely be returning are Ultimate Team and Longshot. A good percentage of users were active in these features in the last Madden. EA Sports will bring back these features to keep making money off of them.

video games
A football in a field

Player Stats and Trades


In the new Madden video games, it’s exciting to see the players ratings. Some of the best players in the game will be Le’Veon Bell, Tom Brady, and Antonio Brown. Player trades is something EA doesn’t have any control over. Seeing the new teams after the trading is another great feature. This is also one of the things that keeps people updating to the latest version of Madden. If you enjoyed this post, then check out my 2018 NFL Playoffs post