Why Spider-Man Homecoming Is The Best Version Of The Superhero


We’ve had numerous Spider-Man movies come out in the last couple years but a popular/unpopular opinion is that the newest Spider-Man: Homecoming is the most accurate depiction of the web-slinger we’ve got so far in film. While this is debatable, it is very true that the film does things correctly in regards to the titular characters persona. Here’s an in-depth look at what the titular character’s persona.

His Vulnerability

Spider-man isn’t Superman; he can’t take four bullets to the chest and walk it off. He’s just a kid who got bit by a radioactive spider who now has great responsibility thrust upon him. This is reflected in his actions in the movie. He wants to do right because he is a genuinely nice person and doesn’t even punch criminals in the movie. That shows you his good nature and how he is actually just trying to save people in New York (not Dallas!) and not make a huge deal about it.

His Genius

What many adaptions fail to include is the fact that Peter is really smart. Contrary to popular belief, the webs from Spider-man are not organic and are manmade. The stuff Peter creates in this movie is all from him and the fact that Tony Stark is impressed by the stuff Peter has made really speaks volumes for his intelligence. This characterizes him in a way that the other movies fail to do.

His Humanity

Peter is really just a young kid with massive responsibilities thrust upon him while he’s still trying to maintain his life as a teenager. When he has regular problems like being interested in girls and having a social life. This shows how despite being able to lift a bus, he is just like the rest of us. This makes scenes where he is in peril or danger all the tenser. We know that if he got seriously hurt, there would be a great number of people would be sad. When our heroes are just like us, we really sympathize with there plight.